The Wildlife Rescue Movie is a documentary showing wildlife rescue efforts in breathtaking and nature-aware Costa Rica. We follow charismatic and inspiring people who have dedicated their lives to saving and protecting wildlife, as well as poachers, smugglers and the Costa Rican special forces who hunt them.

This is a story of unconditional love to nature, deep connection between animals and humans and a commitment to give back to the planet. We follow hardships of round the clock care, struggles of barely making it and tears of losses, together with joy and gratitude the caretakers see every day in little brown, yellow and green eyes.

“Every little life matters” is the motto of the heroes of the movie.

Done in a cooperation with The Toucan Rescue Ranch. Please visit this truly inspiring spot on Earth either from web or in person:

Les Harris, Award winning editor/director  with 40 years of documentary experience, heard about our project to help the animals and has been helping us with the documentary since. Founder of the oldest Canadian documentary company Canamedia. Creator of a large number of documentaries such as the original documentary “Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper” which the 2013 Oscar winning Argo was based on).













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Some of the heroes in the movie