Red Epic – Visually Poetic Images


It’s easy to think that a camera is “just a camera”, a mechanical tool without a soul. However, in reality the camera can make all the difference when it comes to creating an immersive feeling for a movie. Our goal is to create moving images that make you feel like you are there. You can almost feel the wind in your hair and smell the flowers in the grass. Only when the viewer gets this feeling, have we¬†succeeded.

With this new technology many new doors open, doors that previously very few, if any people, could use. With the Epic it is suddenly possible to record macro hand held in a very convincing way thanks to its connection to Canon lenses and its powerful slow motion of 300 frames per second. Since the camera is light weight it’s also possible to put it on small radio controlled helicopters or to put it into your backpack for a hike up the mountains, bringing with you a near IMAX quality camera to extreme places of the world.

We love the ease that we can bring in raw images, just like with photographing, onto the computer, color grade them and then bring them into our visual effects program so that we can create the magic that once only existed within our dreams. While using our cameras we keep reminding ourselves that these cameras are meant for something special, something that will make a difference… to touch…

However, all these fantastic visual images are only truly meaningful if there is a heart, a story, if we care about the characters. Our goal is to create stories that matter, show pictures that take the viewer’s breath away and inspire them.

We hope you will one day join us. Visions are meant to be fulfilled.

Natalie & Andreas