We love the Red Epic because of:

  • Its extremely sharp image. Few if any cameras have as sharp image as the Red Epic. The enormous 5k resolution means that you can crop and pan in the image with no quality loss.
  • The fantastic slow motion. 120fps in 5k and 300fps in 2k resolution.
  • Raw video format. The images are in 16 bit red raw which is fantastic to color grade, you can change ISO, white balance and greatly enhance the exposure in post.
  • Special features like HDRx, magic motions that no other camera has, enabling previously impossible shots.

Equipment Overview

Red Epic Core


Red Accessories

  • OConnor CFF1 Follow Focus, Arri Arm. Possibly the best follow focus for the Red Epic. Works with canon and cine lenses.
  • Bright Tangerine Strummer carbon fibre mattebox. Tiffen ND Filters. 138mm Cirular Polarizer. The best and most flexible mattebox on the market.
  • Carbon rods
  • Red Clutch Handheld Rig
  • Sachtler Video 20 S1 Tripod. The strongest, yet lightweight tripod we found. Steady with very heavy setups yet easy to carry.
  • Kata 610 Backpack. Can take the whole Epic and 3 canon lenses and a few batteries
  • Petrol Backpack for cinema lenses
  • Whiteboard Clapperboard



  • Red 18mm 1.9T, Red 35 1.9T, Red 300 2.9T. The Red lenses are extremely sharp and light sensitive. The 300 has a gorgeous image quality. They are however quite heavy at around 3kg (6 pounds) each.
  • Canon 24-105 f4 IS. Because of the image stabilizer it’s possible to hand held the camera very well with this lens.
  • Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS. A very sharp and light sensitive lens, a very good image stabilizer.
  • Canon 85 f1.2. For dark situations or when you want a very beautiful bokeh.
  • Canon 100 f2.8 IS Macro. Very useful together with the extreme slow motion of the Red Epic. It’s possible to capture details that previously simply wasn’t possible.


Still Camera/B Camera